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My First Miracle is a gem. The writing, the delivery, the humor are all stellar. Bennet takes us on a journey through the highs, lows and middle ground of bipolar disorder without flagging for a moment.

Linda Ayres-Frederick, Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

Fast-paced, alternately funny and heartbreaking, this act deserves an audience.

Alicia Frost, Nugget Fringe Review

Wow. Having dealt with the complexities of a bipolar family member I was literally relieved to see Bennet’s performance. With compassionate humor and insightful writing he let me know in real time my relative could be okay. His deft navigation of the subject is to be celebrated!

Don Reed, NPR Storyteller of the Year

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to discover that your mind has a mind of its own, and is causing you to behave in ways that are alarming to others, you MUST see this fine performer. Ben gives us a sneak preview into his mind, mostly in the up state (mania) but a glimmer into the darkness of depression. I recommend this to anyone who has struggled or is close to someone with a mood disorder (and that’s most of us). It has raucous laugh-out loud moments as well as pierce-the-heart instances that are uncomfortable . . . and which connect us to Bennet’s struggles and joys.
I facilitate a peer support group at Berkeley Depression Bipolar Alliance and have great empathy for those affected by bipolar disorders (yes, I know Ben wants us to think of BP as a difference rather than a disorder). So I was especially eager to see this work. It met all my expectations. It is funny, informative, and captures the challenges BP creates for those who must manage it. Thank you for sharing your story, Bennet.

Irma Herrera – Playwright, Performer

 Lorie Lewis Ham - Kings River Life Magazine

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